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Like so many people, I was made redundant. I felt devastated and pretty worthless after it happened. A million questions ran through my head including;

How was I going to pay the bills?

Who would want me now I’d been out of the workplace for almost a year on maternity leave?

How will I find another job in a recession let alone something family friendly and flexible?

Behind all these thoughts and questions was a whisper of an idea.

Maybe I could start a business.

Just a whisper. So quiet, I could hardly hear it. So delicate, it could have easily been crushed aside with the other questions vying for time in my head.

But it wasn’t.

Now I’m doing what I love. I get to work with creative and inspiring business owners everyday. People like you who create things from scratch, things that would not be here in the world without your hands. I get to help you try and achieve success. I get to listen and advise, help you grow.

I’m lucky aren’t I? Did it all just fall in my hands? No. Did I work hard to get here? More than you’ll ever know.

Is it worth it?


Are you doing what you love?

Are you throwing yourself into your passion, everyday, creating your mark on the world in a way the world deserves?

Are you coasting along, happy but not truly happy?

Are you creating work that you live and breathe for? Are you proud of it? Do you smile broadly from ear to ear when showing it to others?

Or are you apologetic, mumbling ‘here’s something I threw together’, ‘it’s just a little business that I have’, ‘I make some things a few people might like to buy’.

What are you waiting for?

Here is the world people. It’s in our hands.

It’s not too late to make a change.

Take the leap, discover your destiny. Strive forward, making your mark. Be loud and so very proud of what you do.

You are amazing, seriously.

Now go and make your mark.