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I’m an author, web designer and entrepreneur.

I create things – like products, books and courses – to help people thrive in life and business.

For the last sixteen years I’ve worked with brands to communicate their cause, share their stories and define their position in the market. In 2009, I moved away from corporate brands and started my own agency to work with creative entrepreneurs as a marketing, PR and brand consultant.

In 2019, I started Welland Porter, a design studio helping companies launch and grow their businesses with refined and elevated websites.

Outside of my design work, I’m also the founder of Glorious Reads, a newsletter and blog amplifying great children’s books.

I love knitting, reading romance books and writing fiction.

This space is where I share my perspective on growing a creative business. My best insights, advice and lessons I have learned as a business strategist, designer and creative entrepreneur in the digital age.

To see my recent work, visit Welland Porter, my web design & development studio.

Past work

  • Noisette Academy
  • Happy Piece
  • The Empowerment Project

Places my work has been featured

My book

The Creative Entrepreneur

The Creative Entrepreneur is the ultimate guide to building a successful creative business on your terms. It takes you step by step through the process, from the seeds of your idea, giving you the encouragement and confidence to take action and steadily grow your business with intention.