8 Tips for the Time Poor

This post is by guest contributor Viv Smith of Poppy Sparkles. She creates lasting pieces of birthstone jewellery that are fresh and contemporary with a classic style, making them pieces to love, wear and cherish. Today, Viv’s sharing her top tips  to move your business forward, even if you are short of time- Isa If you’re […]


What Will Smith Can Teach Us About Business Strategy

When Will Smith decided to take his fledgling movie career to the next level he didn’t just accept the next film that came his way. He worked out what he wanted to achieve (“to be the biggest movie star in the world”) and researched the industry so he could devise a strategy that worked for him. He didn’t stop at […]


Start By Knowing Who You Are

It’s liberating when you finally realise you have the power to decide what to do with your life. But how do you decide what it is you want to do in the first place? Not everyone knows what they want to do right from the get go. You might be conflicted between what you think […]


Break The Rules + Achieve What You Really Want

Every time I’ve achieved success in my life it’s been when I haven’t followed the rules or conformed to what others expect of me. I started my first business with a 30 cents listing on Etsy, I had no products and no real plan and I just got started because I had to. At university, […]


Cheerleading and Truth-telling

Photo source: Mommy Om A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be part of a fantastic event here in Portland; the Mother of Reinvention conference for female entrepreneurs. As a panelist, the topic totally captivated me; the notion that as women, we constantly reinvent ourselves; as wives, mothers, friends, or as entrepreneurs. We […]


How To: Tackle Holiday Overwhelm

Overwhelm. Chaos. Pressure. Stress. We all experience it from time to time in our businesses, but when something big starts heading our way, like the holidays, it’s almost a given that those feelings are going to surface. They’re never welcome. They certainly aren’t good for us or our business, but there’s a way to deal […]


Overcoming Fear

From my own experience, if I aim for something that seems beyond my reach , the first emotion I feel is fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of my own anger at myself if I don’t at least try it! What helps me to get overcome this fear is to first -set […]



I love pretty things and clever words print by EMC Design Lab Today’s post is from Viv Smith at Poppy Sparkles. As a previous English teacher, Viv is in a great position to share with us some tips on the words we use to describe what we do and how our choices can alter perceptions. […]


Tips For Hosting A Successful Open House

As we gear up towards the busy gift buying season it is the perfect time to try and get your products in front of more people. While marketing and PR are of course essential, the aim is to sell your products and one of the best ways to do that, is getting people in the […]


New Beginnings- Is it time to make a change?

Lately I’ve noticed more and more people are starting to scale back so they can move forward. Sarah Jane from Sarah Jane Studios and Jess from Jess LC to name just a few. These are both women who are achieving great success but they realised that they needed to make changes. By following their own path they fully epitomise our […]