Press Kit ideas + inspiration

I recently did a press kit brainstorming session with a client. It can be fun coming up with ideas that are different and unexpected. Your press kit represents your brand so it’s great to try and think out of the box when you put it all together.

The brainstorming session got me thinking about a press kit for my own businesses so I thought I’d share some inspiration I’ve found on Pinterest!

Oh Hello Friend

Kim Bullock Photography

Olive Manna Shop

Laura (Lande and Maze) save the dates on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Newspaper gift packaging

Papermade via Snippet and Ink

5 Comments on “Press Kit ideas + inspiration

  1.  by  Victoria

    These are all really cute! I don’t actually have a press kit at the moment but I’d like to know more about them – how you go about putting one together, why you’d have one and who to send them to.

    I might have missed this on your site already, off to have a look…

    •  by  Isa Maria

      I actually have a post planned for next week going into more details about press kits so make sure to check back :)

  2.  by  Valerie

    I just love the look of kraft paper and black ink, crafty yet sophisticated!

  3.  by  Kim

    Hey Isa, Kim Bullock here :) Glad you like my packaging. I love your blog, I’ve actually pinned things from your blog. Thanks so much for the social media icons those are awesome!