Pantone Colour of the Year Social Media Icons


After searching for ages for a decent Pinterest icon for a new project I realised it would be much quicker to just make one myself. So I did. As a little gift to you I decided to make them available as a free download. I didn’t want to just offer the Pinterest icon so worked on a set of the most common icons you might need for your blog or website.

Since Pantone recently announced the ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2012 I thought it would be nice to offer these social media icons in the last four Pantone colours of the year.

So here they are Tangerine Tango, Honey Suckle, Turquoise and Mimosa.

Each icon is 45 px and in png format.

If you wish to share these icons please link back to this post.

Thank you and enjoy!

Click to download the Zip file

Tangerine Tango Social Media Icons


Click to download the Zip file

Honey Suckle Social Media Icons

Click to download the Zip file

Turquoise Social Media Icons

Click to download the Zip file

Mimosa Social Media Icons

_ _ _ _ _ _

It’s the first time I’ve offered downloads as a Zip file so please let me know if you have any problems downloading them.

Please use the icons as you wish for personal or commercial work but please don’t resell them. 


If you need instructions on how to add these icons to your site please visit this post on Her New Leaf where Kira has kindly demonstrated a how-to using our buttons as an example.

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84 Comments on “Pantone Colour of the Year Social Media Icons

  1.  by  lakshmi

    Isa , thank you !! This is super duper uber awesome.. MY eyes just went yum yum :) Love the bright buttons..definitely grabbing them :)

  2.  by  Meagan

    Wow! So nice Isa! They look great! I love these colors too!

  3.  by  Viv Smith

    Fab! I’ve been wanting to add a pinterest icon to my blog for a while and it’ll be nice to refresh my social media icons. I think the honeysuckle will compliment my Poppy Sparkles colour scheme well. Thank you! Viv :)

  4.  by  Modupe

    They’re fab Isa – thank you! :-)

  5.  by  Zoe

    Fantastic Isa! thank you for these, I’ve just added the Turquoise ones to my blog and will be adding to clients blog too.

  6.  by  Natalie

    Thank you!

    I found your site via a Google search and am delighted with your free downloads. I selected the turquoise option and they complement my site colour scheme perfectly!

  7.  by  Elizabeth

    These are the most fabulous social media icons ever! I love that they are such special colors! I had been on the hunt for a pinterest button and found this site thanks to google. I love your entire site, and I am very thankful for the honeysuckle social media buttons! :)

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Elizabeth! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you like them, you are awesome :)

  8.  by  Agus

    Thanks so much!! they are so pretty! I am using them right now on my blog if you want to check it out (:

  9.  by  Kira

    Like you, I was looking for a social media icon set that includes Pinterest and found your blog via google – these are fantastic! I added the Mimosa set to my blog and pinned it on my “Blog Stuff” board. I was wondering if you would consider adding a Tumblr icon to your set? I would love to link to my Tumblr as well!

    Thanks again, love the blog, I will be following!

    •  by  Isa Maria

      You’re welcome Kira. I’m offering custom design services for other icons if you are interested? For a small fee I can create which ever ones you need :)

    •  by  Isa Maria

      You’re welcome Michelle!

  10.  by  Melissa

    I just found these and they are not only exactly what I was hoping to find but even MORE beautiful!!! Thank you so much for generously offering the free download.


    •  by  Isa Maria

      I’m so glad you like them Melissa!

  11.  by  Audrey

    The Tangerine is EXACTLY what I was looking for (Facebook /Twitter /Pinterest)- now all I need in Google +, and Polyvore. Is there a way to request or purchase those 2 individually to match??

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Hi Audrey! I took a look at your site and oh my they fit perfectly! I’m now taking custom design requests so will email you with details.

  12.  by  Tania

    Hi Isa, I downloaded your buttons and have put them on my blog already. I can’t get them to display next to each other though (not so html savvy…). Can you point me in the right direction?

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Hi Tania, I’ve emailed you :)

      •  by  Ashley

        I love your buttons but also don’t know how to get them to display next to one another, would you mind either posting the instructions or emailing them to me as well. Thanks!

        •  by  Isa Maria

          Hi Ashley, I’ll be adding the instructions soon, hopefully later this week, hope that helps :)

  13.  by  Marisa

    Hi Isa! Just wanted to drop by & say thanks!

    I hummed and hawed and wrestled with the age-old question “Honey suckle or Turquoise? Honey suckle or Turquoise?” before deciding that Turquoise was the one for me. The buttons look smashing – thanks so much for sharing.

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Hi Kristen I’ll be adding a How To post with the code soon, thanks for your comment, glad you like them!

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  15.  by  Shay

    EEEE! Thanks so much for these! They are live on my blog as we speak :)

    xoxox Shay

  16.  by  Rachel Lora Simmons

    Thank you SO much! I too have been searching everywhere for a Pinterest icon, besides the one available on their site. I love the chic colors and am so excited about this find!

    PS – I also found this blog via Google, have implemented the icons on, and will be coming back to read more.

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  18.  by  Lisa

    Thanks so much – just what I was looking for!

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  20.  by  Amanda

    Wow, these are great! Thanks so much for sharing them! Like some others, I am curious how to get them to display in a line. I’m not very HTML savvy, so any instructions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  21.  by  SheilaG

    Just saw these over at Her New Leaf- just what I’ve been trying to figure out. Would love to get them in a custom color, but not sure how to get them on my site- do you have easy newbie instructions???

    •  by  SheilaG

      Oh, and also wondering if there is a way to add an email subscription button?

  22.  by  Zara

    Hi, thank you for these gorgeous icon’s, they are exactly what I have been looking for, except I have no idea how to add them to my blog. Can you help please?

  23.  by  Kira

    Thanks so much for the link! I’m glad to direct my readers here to see your fantastic work!

    •  by  Isa Maria

      You’re welcome! I was going to post one but yours was perfect and I thought it would be nice to return the favour! :)

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  25.  by  emilie

    thank you very much, I’ve used pink ones for my blog :)

  26.  by  Christine Trevino

    Thank you for sharing these buttons! I’m working on a blog button post for next week I’ll be linking back to these! :)

  27.  by  amy

    Thank you so much for these! I too found you via a Google search when I was trying to find a Pinterest button. Do you have any preference for how to credit you for these? (c) Isa Maria for the Academy? Or something like that? I would like to add something in my footer.

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Hi Amy (c) Isa Maria at Noisette Academy will be great thanks!

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  29.  by  HollywoodCerise

    I’ve been searching for this kind of freebie, because I couldn’t find one of pinterest. Thank you so much!!! When I’m done, I’ll link a post to this website! x

  30.  by  Amanda

    I LOVE these icons!! So perfect! I’m just wondering if there is a way to get the images in .png form without the white backgrounds? I would so love to put these on my site but my background isn’t white and I’d prefer not to have a white box around each image. Any help would be appreciated!

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  32.  by  Allison

    I just gave my blog a makeover, and these social media buttons are one of my favorite things about my new look! Thank you so much. I credited and linked you on my “About” page.

    I noticed in the comments above that you’ve created additional buttons for other social networks. I’d love to use the Google+ icon in tangerine. Could you please email me with details about your fees for additional buttons? Thank you!

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Thank you so much! Emailing you now :)

  33.  by  Sharon | Grace House Designs

    Isa! Swooon…. :) Ok, so maybe I get a little carried away by artsy tech offerings. But I just love the social media icons you’ve created…and in this spring’s fresh, fashionable Pantone colors! Clean, simple but trendy!

    After easily installing the buttons on my site, I came back to your blog and have found many interesting and helpful articles for the small e-commerce business owner and all of us who are creative types! Thank you for your generous spirit and for helping my customers find their way to connect / share / navigate using your designer social media icons!

  34.  by  Brenda

    Eep. Your Mimosa set is just what we need for a site due in 9 hours. It’s a volunteer event called the Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge. Would you be so kind as to provide either you AI (I know, I know) OR PNGs with no white square in the background (white symbols, Mimosa circles, no white square)?

    Please, please, pretty please?

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Hi Brenda, sorry I saw this too late as it was the weekend! I hope you managed to find what you needed.

  35.  by  Hannah

    I love these buttons! What I love most about them is that they have a Pinterest button – most of the sets that came across when I googled for them failed to include one. I wanted to stop by and let you know that I’ve used some of the buttons in the turquoise set on my own blog, and I even wrote up a little post which gives you credit for them.

    The only question I have is that the buttons seem to be appearing as rather large, and a little pixelated (spelling?) on my site. I used Flickr instead of Photobucket, but I didn’t think that would make a difference. Any thoughts/suggestions?

    •  by  Isa Maria

      Hi Hannah thank you for your kind words and for crediting me on your lovely blog. I’m not sure why they are showing up bigger. Maybe it’s a setting within Flickr? The icons should be 45px by 45px so maybe check that Flickr is keeping them at that size. I’m not sure of another reason, sorry!

      •  by  Hannah

        Thanks for the quick response! I’ve been playing around on Flickr and figured out how to resize the pictures. However, when I put in the new HTML code for the resized photo, they still come out the same size as before. But I’m going to keep playing around with it! Thanks! :)

  36.  by  Beth

    Love these – just added them to my blog. And thanks for the link to the tutorial on how to add them which I used as well.

  37.  by  Jackie

    How did you get your buttons to have space in between them? Thanks!

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  39.  by  Molly

    These are fantastic buttons! Thank you so much for sharing these for free. What a gift.
    I’m interested in checking pricing on an instagram & a google + buttons.


    •  by  Isa Maria

      Hi Molly, I replied by email but for anyone else all prices can be found in our shop thank you!

  40.  by  Kavita Gandhi

    Thank you so much for sharing your social media icons. They are absolutely FABULOUS!!! I spent the last couple of hours trying to find ways to customize a Pinterest icon and landed on your site. I chose the Honey Suckle pack and they are perfect for my blog. Thanks!

  41.  by  Britt Smith

    Hi! Thank you for your free downloads… I have a question for you when I added them to my blog they had a white square around them instead of the circle shape? Did I do something wrong? Thanks!!

  42.  by  Brittany

    Do you happen to have buttons for email or linkedin? I would love those!!!

  43.  by  onelmon

    Thank you very much for sharing this along with the link to the set-up tutorial!

  44.  by  Winnie Crystal

    Thanks for the free buttons! I downloaded the Turquoise as if fits my selected theme. :) More power to you!

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