Overcoming Fear

From my own experience, if I aim for something that seems beyond my reach , the first emotion I feel is fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of my own anger at myself if I don’t at least try it!

What helps me to get overcome this fear is to first -set aside my fear for a bit – then analyse my skill set, time frame and situation that I am in to see if I can achieve it. If all these seem to align, I proceed to work on the steps that will help me get to my goal. I can guarantee that once we break it down to little steps, the goal nor the journey will seem as scary. It then becomes a matter of conquering those little goals/ steps, one at a time to get to the final destination.

More than anything, its important to enjoy the journey.

If all fails, you know you tried and you have a fun journey that you can be proud of! Failure is nothing to be scared of. Learn from your own mistakes and make necessary changes for that next big goal.

This year, I achieved my biggest personal goal. Last month I ran my first 9K in Sydney. It wasn’t an easy goal for me. I have chronic asthma and allergies that can strike anytime. Of course, I didn’t go from 0 – 9K in 1 day. I broke it down to achievable milestones over a period of 9 months to finally be able to run that day. Even then, I had my own doubts and physical limitations to consider. You can read about it here.

It wasn’t easy, but I enjoyed my milestones and I’m glad I did it :) The outcome wasn’t only achieving my goal, it contributed to a healthy lifestyle and me being able to support a worthy cause – The Prostrate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

I conquer my fears and limitations every morning that I run. I hope you do too, whatever your goal may be.

Lakshmi has illustrated and designed a printable worksheet for you to use to help you break your goals down into achievable steps. Thanks Lakshmi!

Lakshmi is an architect by profession, an artist by nature and has a slight obsession with colour and nature. She creates acrylic paintings, illustrates and dreams about seeing her designs and patterns on products. She is a mother to 2 kids and married to her college sweetheart. Their current nest is in sunny Sydney, Australia. You can find her work on her Etsy shop.

Lakshmi shares her experiences on her blog and loves to chat with friends on twitter and facebook.

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