Optimising Your Product Line for the Holidays

Yay! Holiday Marketing for Creatives starts right here, right now! Today we are looking at your product line and how can we optimise it to get the most out of holiday sales.

Assess your current product line

First you need to assess your current range. You can do this by asking yourself some questions including:

What are your best sellers?
Which products have the highest profit margin?

Do you cover different price points?
What sold best last holiday season?
Can your products be bought as gifts?

Answering these questions will help you narrow your focus so that you aren’t spending time making products people just don’t want to buy. Your top sellers during the year can be a good indication of what will be popular in the next few months. It’s also a good way to help predict sales if this is your first holiday season in business.

Put together a holiday collection.

Once you have an idea of what is going to sell you need to put together a holiday collection. This can be a completely new line or items you already sell with different colourways or materials to make it fresh.

If you haven’t yet designed new products for the holiday season you may be running out of time. Instead why not consider making new products out of things you have already created? For example, if you sell art, consider offering art prints, postcard sets or a calender featuring your work.

If you feel you do have time to add entirely new products think about items that would go well with the ones you already have. That way you can offer them separately or as gift sets which helps bring in higher revenues. So, if you make jewellery you could offer matching or complimentary items as a set or if you make baby shoes you could sell it together with a bib or onesie.

Will you offer gift certificates?

Gift certificates are a great option to have all year round but especially for peak gift buying seasons like the winter holidays. You can create an actual gift card for those who buy before shipping deadlines but can also offer a digital one for those last minute rush sales.

If you will be selling gift certificates you need to remember to include your policies. What value is it for, how long is it valid until etc. You also need to include instructions for the recipient so they know how to reedem their gift.


Personalised or custom products take much longer to make yet customers are not always aware of this. People love buying customised gifts as it is unique to the person they are buying for. You will need to consider if you will be offering them this year and ensure your customers know they need to put their orders in early.

Your policies on personalised products need to be clearly visible in your shop. To ensure customers can see it, I’d recommend putting details the lead times at the bottom of each product listing. That way there can be no confusion.

{Gift wrap ideas by Leslie from A Creative Mint on decor 8 for the Colour Me Pretty series}


Another decision you need to make is if you will offer the option of gift wrapped purchases. You can add it as an extra listing in your shop and highlight it in the listing as available for them to add to cart. You can either charge a small fee for this or offer it free, depending on what you prefer. Most people a happy to pay a bit extra for the convenience.

Even if you don’t offer gift wrap you still need to think about adding some extra pizazz to your wrapping. It’s the holidays after all! Stock up on string, twine, gift tags, bubble wrap, padded envelopes and other wrapping supplies early so you can make sure your packages arrive in the best possible condition and looking great!

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