Create Your Mark E-course Is Here!

I’m so excited to announce that registration for the Create Your Mark e-course is now officially open! For some time now I’ve wanted to extend the work I do with my business. Up until now the majority of my services involved me or freelancers doing the work for you, devising the marketing strategies, writing the press releases, pitching to magazines and blogs but I wanted to provide an option for people who want to learn how to do those skills themselves.

We’re starting with Create Your Mark. Business success relies on a good foundation, so we are starting at the beginning. You know you have it in you to do something amazing, something unexpected that might seem crazy to others but it’s there, it’s true and real. That whisper of a dream that you’ve been squashing aside? It’s time to let it out, acknowledge it and then take steps to make it happen.

If you feel like you are sleepwalking through life or something is holding you back and you want to move past it then sign up for Create Your Mark. It might just change your life.

The Create Your Mark e-course will:
  • Help you identify your passion and purpose to ensure your business involves them
  • Help you discover who you are, your true voice and true talent and how you can use that in your business
  • Consider what you do now and what needs to change to make your business a success
  • Give you the courage to follow your own path
  • Provide concrete steps for you to take on this exciting journey
  • Give you the tools you need to empower yourself to achieve success your way
  • Learn how to stay true to your passions when everyone is telling you to give up
  • Show you how to have the courage to leap
  • Discuss what’s holding you back and finally let go of it
  • Work out what you can offer the world
  • Help you build on that “crazy” big idea
  • Work together one-on-one and in small groups to help motivate and inspire

When: 26th March – 22nd April

Where: Private online classroom and personal mentoring sessions.

Who is it for? Artists, designers, photographers, makers, stationers anyone who is creative and looking to make big changes in their life but not sure how to get there. You may be a freelancer or run your own shop or you might just be thinking about starting a business.


**The course and mentoring are open internationally**


Over 4 exciting weeks we will cover the following:

Week One: Identify your fears and what’s holding you back. It can be hard to move forward when something is not working.

Week Two: Discover your true purpose in life and what you can offer the world. We’re going to dig deep into what you want out of life and how you can build a business that will help change the world we live in for the better.

Week Three: Your crazy idea! In week 3 we will work on rebuilding your business so that you can make a decent living from your purpose. We will do this by analysing what you do now and why it’s not working.

Week Four: Create your roadmap of action steps to get there. You will finish the month with a clear action plan for the rest of the year.

Not only will you have my undivided attention during these four weeks you will get a BONUS mentoring session 3 months later so we can check in and troubleshoot any problems.


Create Your Mark will be delivered via a private blog platform which will provide you with daily exercises, prompts and worksheets. You will be able to post questions and answers directly below the lessons for other students to give feedback. The mentoring will take place via email.


Your mentorship will be one-on-one for the duration of the course. This means you can contact me (by email) at any hour of the day, all day everyday whenever a thought pops in your head. If you are fearful, afraid, unsure, lack courage- I will listen, respond and send my encouragement and huge hugs over the airways.

You will need around 2-5 hours per week to do the exercises but the course can be followed at your own pace. At the end of the 4 weeks you will also receive the complete digital workbook so you can refer back to it at a later date.

The price for all this is just £149 approximately $230 USD early bird fee (regular price £199/$312 USD. For the early bird fee you must register before 1st March 2012)*

My clients pay £149/$230 for a 30 minute consultation with me and£459/$705 for a marketing strategy. If I charged this program at my consulting rate it would be upwards of £1000/$1400! Much more depending on how much you use the mentoring service.

The course and mentorship is limited to the first 20 people to sign up.You must be brave, willing to open yourself up, to be accepting of help and advice, to want to make friends with the other students. We are creating a community of people who will go on to do great things. You need to promise me that you will participate fully in order for this course and mentorship to help you.


Then let’s go!

A recap: my full undivided attention for 4 whole weeks, including unlimited emails, plus the physical e-course and all materials including a Create Your Mark workbook for just £199/$312.


There are lots of e-courses out there, what makes the Create Your Mark e-course so different?

This course is different because you will not being going it alone. Many e-courses leave you to decipher the materials on your own with little individual feedback. Having your own personal mentoring program will provide you with a dedicated cheerleader to help you through the course and to ensure you get the most out of it. I don’t want you to finish the course and then start your journey on your own and unsure of the next step. Your journey starts now. When the four weeks are up, you will be well on your way to be making big changes and the 3 month check up session will make sure you stay on track.

I live in (insert your country here), can I still sign up?

The beauty of an online course is that you don’t have to turn up each day in person. This means you can live anywhere in the world and you can get the full benefit of the course and mentoring. If you need to check the currency conversion you can do so here but it’s approximately $312 USD.

Who are you again? How do you know anything about anything?

I’m Isa Maria Seminega, Editor of the Academy blog, owner of Noisette Marketing and founder of Noisette Academy. Since 2009 I’ve been sharing my marketing and business advice with creatives, before that I worked with National brands such as the Financial Times, Wedgwood, Rolls Royce and Walkers (yes the crisps!). I’ve hit rock bottom after redundancy and a late miscarriage, and built my way back up again, by starting a business that would go on to help others. More recently I’ve spoken on PR at Etsy’s first conference and guest posted on Design*Sponge sharing my wisdom on finding your target market. As well as writing for The Academy I write monthly over at Oh My Handmade and Handmade Success. I also work for Aeolidia, one of the best web design agencies around.

Ok, I’m convinced, what happens after I book?

Once you book one of the limited student places, I will personally confirm your booking with an introductory email. No auto-responders for me, I like to reply personally to each and every one of you. One week before the course starts you’ll receive your Create Your Mark workbook and login details for the private course website. The first exercise will be up on March 26th which gives you a week to acclimatize yourself with the classroom and introduce yourself to the other students.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this launch. I can’t wait to work with the first intake of students and I know that together we can achieve great things!


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