Set Your Brand Apart With Photography

I first discovered Prunella Soap over on Allisa Jacobs blog. She featured a wonderful interview with owner Janell and I fell in love straight away. I honestly couldn’t get this business out of my mind. Everything from the product, branding and packaging was spot on but the main thing that stood out was the photographs. […]

How To…Branded Product Labels

I’ve been asked quite a few times how I produced the branded labels on my lavender hangings. Having spent many an hour online trying to find a company that would produce labels with my logo for less than £400, I’m happy to share the steps to help fellow makers! If you haven’t come across them […]

Why Branding is like Directing Your Own Film

Hello! Over the past couple of posts, I’ve shared my thoughts on gathering ideas and realising your goals when starting a creative business. This week, I’m going to start getting into the nitty-gritty of pulling your business together. Branding. It’s so personal, right? And a bit daunting – it’s the hook you’ll use to get […]