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About me

I’m Isa Seminega and I’m a mother, wife, brand strategist and designer. I work with people and companies helping them to return to their core and have the confidence to share who they really are with the world.

We each have our own unique attributes that makes us who we are. I fiercely believe these things should be celebrated not hidden, applauded and not ignored. It’s these things that make us real. Our weaknesses and imperfections make us human.

These beliefs drive my work.

I want people to embrace who they really are and to have the courage to strive for what they want so they can be happier, make a greater impact and fulfil their goals.

My story.

A few years ago I took a job I ended up hating. I knew I was capable of more but I was afraid to do anything about it. It wasn’t until 2009 after a series of events (being made redundant, losing my unborn son and a trip to Rwanda) that I realised it was up to me to change my life. No-one was going to do it for me. I just needed to take the first step.

I was worried I wasn’t good enough or that I’d fail and embarrass myself. When I did finally get started and launched my marketing and branding business, I made a ton of mistakes. I did everything how I thought I should do it and I was unhappy, undercharging, marketing my business in ways that didn’t feel right to me and following how the “experts” said it should be done. After the birth of my daughter I decided to start again, relaunching and doing things my way. I found my voice and my business started to thrive.

Since then I’ve started businesses and grown companies that I believe in. Most recently Happy Piece, a eco-ethical homeware company that gives back to disadvantaged women in Rwanda. I also own a brand strategy studio (relaunching soon!) that helps create meaningful and authentic brands.

I’d love to hear from you! Let’s connect on Twitter: @isaseminega . Don’t have Twitter? Then email me at isa @ isaseminega dot com.

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